Tuk Dublin - Nachos


Tuk is dedicated to creating a real quality restaurant experience in half the time. With consumers now striving for a more health conscious lifestyle, they are demanding a higher quality product and a higher standard of service. They have a better understanding of nutrition today than ever before, so the need for good food at reasonable prices is important.

Our aim is to create the healthiest meals possible while using the freshest Irish produce. It is then cooked to ensure you get all the benefits while using little oil and no MSG, just flavored by fresh herbs and spices. The majority of our menu is also coeliac friendly, which is becoming an increasing problem. For people with dietary needs or special requests we will accommodate to the best of our ability.

Tuk is situated in the heart of Fairview, a busy vibe runs through the area lots of shops, schools and colleges all operating across from Fairview park. with buses and DARTs whizzing by.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to cater for such a huge diverse population. Tuk is a fresh and interesting new addition to the area, and we are grateful for the positive feedback and loyalty we are receiving from our customers.

Why not order from home by phone or online and enjoy a Tuk experience! Deliveries are normally 30-40 mins (may take longer at busier times). Check out our Facebook for updates and specials!